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What is the Four Hour Flip Formula?

Recently I put on a special invite only webinar for those people who were sick and tired of their financial situation, have been complaining about it for years, and who are fed up knowing that they have more potential and more to give to the world.

Let’s face it. You know and I know that becoming a real estate investor is one of THE best ways to quickly change your financial future.

And I want to help.

Here’s What You Will Learn
From My Four Hour Flip Formula

How To Find and Negotiate With Sellers

How to negotiate your deals with sellers

How to find an unlimited number of motivated sellers ready to sell their houses

How to analyze your deals and know how much to offer sellers to maximize your profit

How to determine the repairs cost of any house and why this is mandatory to know.

How To Find and
Deal With Buyers

How to analyze your potential profit and know how much to accept from a buyer.

How find thousands of cash buyers who will be begging for the houses you are flipping.

How to think like your buyers to maximize your profits.

How to negotiate with your buyers to close more real estate deals.

How to partner with other wholesalers and profit from their deals while protecting yourself so they can’t go around you.

Power Secrets Working With
Realtors and Banks

How to find and establish a relationship with title companies/attorneys that will close your deals.

How to Create Long Term Passive Cash Flow

How to leverage other peoples money and credit to build a real estate portfolio.

Don’t Invest In This Training If:

You’re not SERIOUS about your Real Estate business.

You are not COACHABLE from someone who is successful.

You don’t have the time to FOCUS.

You don’t have a plan to take ACTION when my training is over.

You have an issue talking to people and making deals and submitting offers.

You constantly buy courses and NEVER TAKE ACTION!

There. I’ve said it.
Don’t join my Real Estate Money Club Monthly Membership unless you are 100% committed to making a financial change in your life.

Upgrade To Real Estate Money Club Gold with a one-time payment of $147

Your Future Starts Now!

Sure you could put this off for another day. Sure you could go to your local Real Estate investment club for free and maybe in the course of a year learn what I will teach you in 4 hours. And good luck finding someone you can trust that they are a “real” real estate investor.

You obviously don’t want to continue living with the “someday I’ll make it in Real Estate” attitude. In just 4 hours, you will be on your way to finally making the kind of money you know you deserve.

So it’s up to you. Take action now and start your transformation.

The transformation begins when you register.

Make 2023 the start of a year to remember.

To Your Success!
Mark Whitten

P.S. – Don’t wait for “some day” in the future! Take action now! Now is the time to get focused once and for all and JUST DO IT!

P.P.S, – You’re still here? You’re obviously interested. Then obviously you need some inspiration and a shot of Faith. Then I have one last video for you…

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